A Necessary End

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A Necessary End A Necessary End


The plot to assassinate President Lincoln with a paranormal twist in this haunting romance.

Washington D.C., 1865

Shakespearian actor John Wilkes Booth is famous, charming, and so sexy, brokenhearted women have attempted suicide over him. But the image he shows his adoring public is nothing like the real Booth. A tragic, troubled man, he leads a secret life, far from the theater’s applause and lights. By day, he’s a Confederate spy and courier, taking dangerous missions so that his beloved South can fight the North in the war that has torn the nation in two. An even darker secret plagues him–he believes he’s the reincarnation of Brutus, the man who slew the tyrant Caesar, and Booth’s destiny in this life is to murder the tyrant who’s ravaged the South—Abraham Lincoln. In obeying the spirit of Brutus, Booth devises a plot to assassinate the tyrant.

But, as many tragic heroes have surrendered their hearts to a beautiful woman, Booth falls in love with Alice Grey, an actress from the North who’s been hired to spy on Booth and thwart his murderous plans. Both he and Alice become torn between their loyalties to their countries and their growing love for each other. As Booth struggles to ward off Brutus’s controlling spirit, he realizes he can’t escape his fate. He’s destined to live and die the life that’s given him.

Will Alice’s love for Booth win out over her duty to protect the President from assassination? A surprise twist at the end seals Booth’s fate, which we know from the history books, but did it really end that way? The open question remains: did Booth die in the burning barn that night, or did he escape and return to his beloved?


Booth’s insane plot goes wacky with a paranormal twist: A NECESSARY END http://amzn.to/1iq2YYp
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JW Booth’s insane plot goes wacky with a ghostly twist: A NECESSARY END http://amzn.to/1iq2YYp
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Was Booth a wacko or what? A NECESSARY END by Diana Rubino http://amzn.to/1iq2YYp
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